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Centre for Clean Energy Technology (CCET) PhD Scholarship


AU$27, 082 per annum over 3 – 3.5 years





5 PhD Scholarships will be provided by Centre for Clean Energy Technology (CCET) in Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney. This project is expected to make a breakthrough in the development of elelectrode materials for varying energy storage applications, inclduing lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, lithium sulfur batteries and supercapacitors. The successful applicants will be supervised by Prof Guoxiu Wang. CCET focuses on the development of efficient devices for energy harvesting, storage, and conversion. Taking a rational approach, we combine first principles calculation and modelling, novel materials architecture design and synthesis, and system integration in our teaching and research practice. We adapt our research activities to the global low-carbon energy context and aim to achieve innovations and breakthroughs in zero-emission energies.

Who is eligible?

  • Relevant background in Chemistry or Materials Science (Master by research or first class honour).
  • Research experience in energy storage systems (lithium ion batteries, sodium ion batteries, lithium sulfur batteries and supercapacitors.).
  • Open to International and Domestic students.

Selection process

Applicants will be assessed on the basis of academic merit, previous research outputs, research experience, the record of the proposed supervisory team, the quality of the research proposal, and alignment with the University's research priorities. Applicants are required to have expertise in materials synthesis and instrumental analysis, particularly possess experience in relevant research project on energy materials. Applicants have published academic paper are preferred.

Applications closed

Application will be closed on 30/06/2018. Shortlisted candidates will be informed before 05/07/2018.