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Ausgem Scholarship - Genomic Surveillance Program


$27,596 pa indexed annually

3 years





The project provides invaluable baseline data about the genetic constitution of Extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli that cause urosepsis (UTI, pyelonephritis and blood sepsis) and poultry disease (avian pathogenic E. coli). The project is also screening swine faecal E. coli populations for evidence of swine being a potential reservoir for ExPEC.

The project is not only focusing on the virulence gene carriage but also on antibiotic resistance gene carriage among the food animals and humans to identify emerging sequence types, reservoirs for established ST, and the mobilization of antibiotic resistance genes.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be:

  • Australian citizens; or
  • Australian permanent residents; or
  • New Zealand citizens.

Applicants also need to have either:

  • Honours degree with First Class, or Second Class Division 1, or
  • MSc Research or MSc Coursework with a research thesis of at least 6 months.

Applications closed

Applications close 19 March 2019.

Need more information? Contact...

For application information: The ithree Institute

For research project information contact Prof Steven Djordjevic

Other information

For more information about Ausgem.

For more information about UTS ithree - Institute of Infection, Immunity and Innovation.