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Practice-oriented education means more than just preparing students to secure a job on graduation: we also prepare students to work long-term in a dynamic and changing professional environment.

Students are given integrated exposure to professional practice throughout their degree via a diverse set of practice-related experiences.

Experiences like:

  • recognition of work-based learning, where university learning offers recognition and intellectual extension of learning in practice;
  • internships and practicums;
  • field trips and visits, real and virtual;
  • simulations and role plays: high to low fidelity, face-to-face or online;
  • problem-based, issues-based or practice case-based approaches to learning in subjects;
  • student use of cutting-edge technologies in practice-based scenarios;
  • student-created media resources that illustrate aspects of practice, including podcasts and vodcasts and
  • guest lectures, vodcasts or podcasts from professional practitioners