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The UTS Model of Learning recognises that graduates live and work in a culturally diverse and internationalised world. Many will work with groups in which cross-cultural communication and cultural safety will be important, they may work in organisations where international travel and global interaction is standard. Graduates’ international and intercultural capabilities will be critical for their lives as professionals and citizens.

Inside and beyond the curriculum

UTS has a strong International Studies program, students from more than 130 different language backgrounds, a culturally diverse staff, subjects that focus on international perspectives in some disciplines, the UTS BUiLD program and a range of other cultural engagement opportunities for students inside and outside the curriculum. There are opportunities for international experience for students, including in-country study, exchange, international work experience or international volunteering.


Although some disciplines vary more than others across cultures and there will be variation in approaches to international and intercultural engagement, all students develop the capability to work in culturally diverse environments.