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Language and learning

UTS recognises that students will develop their academic language skills during their studies and that these skills are integral to the development of disciplinary knowledge. Academic language skills are necessary for students to successfully engage in their studies, develop course-specific graduate outcomes and, as graduates, successfully participate in their professional environments.

The Academic Language and Learning Group (ALL) work collaboratively with discipline academics to embed academic language and learning in subjects and courses, enhancing the development of students’ academic language, discipline-specific discourse and professional communication. 

Typical activities include:

  • Assessment task design and scaffolding (including feedback strategies)
  • Curriculum (subject and course) design/development
  • Language and literacy development (resources, orientation activities, OPELA)
  • Pedagogical practice change (collaborative teaching, professional development)
  • Research, projects and grants

English language proficiency

The UTS English Language Policy sets out the University’s requirements for, and expectations of, students’ English language proficiency at admission and during their study. UTS provides support for the development of students' English language proficiency.

Higher Education Language and Presentation Support (HELPS) offers English language and academic literacy support for UTS undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students via various programs including drop-in advice sessions, one-to-one consultations, daily workshops, intensive courses, conversation groups and online resources.

HELPS aims to enhance students’ learning experiences by providing individual and group support in a friendly and respectful environment. They help students become independent and confident learners through the development of English language and academic literacy, so that students can reach their educational and career goals.

UTS staff may refer students to HELPS for assistance.

Other language and learning support

The UTS Library provides access to a range of resources for students to develop their Academic and English language.

About OPELA - for students.