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SFS Review

What is it? 

During 2014, a formal review of the UTS Student Feedback Survey or “SFS” was conducted under the sponsorship of the DVC (Education and Students).

The review aimed to:

  • improve the usefulness of the SFS;
  • re-focus it on student learning and engagement by creating a tool that supports reflective practice for both staff and students and
  • better align it with the University’s teaching and learning strategies for 2014-2018. 

Outcome and implementation

Eighteen recommendations were made by an external consultant addressing the review’s Terms of Reference.   These recommendations have been endorsed by the review Reference Group and the Associate Deans (Teaching and Learning) Network chaired by the DVC (Education and Students).  Academic Board’s Teaching and Learning Committee has also endorsed those recommendations of a policy nature. 

Agreed changes are being implemented progressively.  Already complete are:

  • New three-tiered SFS questionnaire to replace the previous questionnaire (trialled in Summer 2015 and Autumn 2015, full roll-out in Spring 2015)
  • New early-session, short questionnaire (trialled in Week 4 of Autumn 2015, full roll-out in Spring 2015)
  • Change in the status of student feedback from anonymous to confidential to allow pathway and cohort analysis and strengthening messages to students encouraging constructive feedback (introduced from Summer 2015) 
  • Re-branding the SFS to give it a fresh look and feel and to make it easy for students and staff to distinguish between the early and late semester surveys (i.e. “Early Feedback Survey” and “Student Feedback Survey”) (2015).
  • Academic teaching staff gained access to their SFS results before they are released to subject coordinators and Associate Deans (Teaching & Learning) (introduced in Spring 2014)

How will these changes benefit me as a teaching academic?

The changes will provide:

  1. early session feedback you can act on to benefit the current cohort of students and
  2. end of session feedback customised to the learning modes you are using.  

What is the impact of these changes on me as a teaching academic?

It is anticipated these changes will better support your efforts to improve student engagement and learning outcomes. 

There may be a small workload impact each session at the point of reviewing any default ‘learning modes’ assigned by your faculty to the subjects you teach for the end of session SFS.  However it is anticipated that these would only need to be changed in subsequent offerings of that subject on an exception basis.    

When the early session SFS is rolled out across all UTS subjects, Subject Coordinators will receive results through the Online SFS system in week 5.  Coordinators will be encouraged to discuss the results with their teaching team. 

Who can I contact to find out more about the review?

General inquiries can be made to the Planning and Quality Unit:  pqu@uts.edu.au



SFS Review: Results of teaching staff survey in 2012 (VND.OPENXMLFORMATS-OFFICEDOCUMENT.WORDPROCESSINGML.DOCUMENT, 512.63kB)