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How we deliver our programs

All research programs delivered through the UTS Transport Research Centre are embedded in a customer service paradigm using frameworks developed at UTS called Service Engineering.

The Service Engineering paradigm puts user needs at the centre of considerations by changing operating procedures, the deployment of physical infrastructure resources and rolling stock across transport modes to maximise access and exchange options for people. While maximising Levels Of Service for the benefit of customers is a key goal, supporting economic agglomeration to sustain high productivity levels is also a primary consideration.

Under the umbrella of improving customer service, transport research at UTS has three key focus areas:

  • Responsive Passenger Information System — a new class of passenger information system that optimises network performance by using robotic sensor and digital information technologies to inform, influence and coordinate user behaviour 
  • Network Planning & Optimisation — methods and approaches that leverage network features of physical infrastructures and operating procedures across transport modes to raise service levels at least cost while enhancing customer experience
  • Condition Monitoring — systems and technologies that maintain the health of infrastructures and rolling stock in ways that reduce operating costs while enhancing service quality for customers