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What we do

The UTS Transport Research Centre is a multidisciplinary, cross-facility transport research hub within UTS.  The Centre provides a single point of contact for government, industry and community groups wishing to engage with research teams from across the university.  It has a focus on the development of new technologies and approaches that optimise network performance across all transport modes.

In the past, the structure of academic institutions has often meant real world problems were shoehorned into the intellectual frameworks of particular disciplines. As a result, the research focus of academics has taken centre stage, rather than finding best-fit transport solutions. The same difficulty arises in many government transport agencies and industry providers, where professionals can confine themselves to working in their immediate areas of expertise while resisting collaboration with other parts of the sector. This results in outcomes convenient for service providers but poor in quality for transport users. 

The response to this challenge has been to shift away from the old command and control paradigm that has characterised transport service provision to a more customer-oriented approach. Mirroring this change, UTS researchers have created a new intellectual framework called Service Engineering to support the development of new transport technologies and optimise transport networks. The approach involves new methods for need-finding in transport applications, with a special emphasis on identifying connections in the value chain that link physical infrastructures, operating procedures, user behaviour, location decisions and productivity.

The Service Engineering approach, combined with greater cross-faculty collaboration, has meant that UTS transport research is now more interesting, novel and rewarding for both researchers and the people whose needs we are here to serve.