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The ACPPHR focuses on applied population, individual and health system research to improve the public health and wellbeing of global populations particularly its communities who are most in need.

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  • Baby in hospital

    RESEARCH SPOTLIGHT: A new study will follow the experiences of pregnant women across NSW who are newly diagnosed with cancer.

  • Distinguished Professor Elizabeth Sullivan, Director, Australian Centre for Public and Population Health Research :

    Social justice is a core plank across the university, and what it relates to is both human rights and equality, and how they come together in people’s everyday lives. And from a university perspective and from a public health physician’s perspective, this is a critical thing in the why we do things; why we teach, why we look at research, and why we try to improve the health outcomes of the population.

    The new centre’s called the Australian Centre for Public and Population Health Research. And the aim of that centre is to be disruptive, to be new, to look at how we can improve the health of vulnerable populations and make an impact on policy and practice, trying to improve health outcomes.

     [Videos of students and staff walking across various UTS buildings, graphs on screen]

    What I love about the Centre is the passionate people that we have. New and old people coming into it from across the campus. So it’s both multi-disciplinary but we’re going to be taking a transdisciplinary approach involving other faculties, from really a 21st century perspective where we’re going to be looking at the digital space, we’re going to be also looking at what’s happening at the bench level, we’re going to be looking at what happens in environmental health, planetary health, the future.

    I’m very excited about being a new player in public health and population health, trying to look at problems from a different perspective. And also trying to address some of these large, wicked health problems that really have seemed unsolvable. And that’s what we’re going to be focussing on.


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    For all enquiries for Master of Health Services (Research) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), please email your CV and a one page proposal to

    Please note: if you are interested in an undergraduate (Bachelors) degree or a postgraduate degree by coursework please contact the Student Centre for assistance and further information.

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