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Cohousing for seniors

Housing the ageing population of NSW in homes that are affordable, accessible and stable presents a major challenge for the state, particularly in a time of rising housing costs. New models are needed to address social isolation, tenure insecurity, care costs and seniors’ aspirations to age in place.

Cohousing may be one such model. Cohousing, or co-living, arrangements aim to mix private and shared spaces in a way that meets the need for both privacy and a sense of community and support. With an emphasis on social interaction, environmental sustainability and accessible design, cohousing may provide an attractive housing alternative for seniors. But how do we make it happen in NSW?

A 12-month research project conducted by the Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS and funded by a NSW Department of Family and Community Services Liveable Communities Grant and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage examined the opportunities presented by cohousing for seniors in NSW, the existing barriers to uptake, and ideas for overcoming these barriers.

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