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GBDTC at CeBIT 2-4 May 2016

10 May 2016

image of Victor Dominello and Gengfa Zhang

Some of our Global Big Data Technologies Centre team attended CeBIT in early May to showcase our Centre's capabilities. It was a great success, and many of our researchers were able to make connections with industry which we aim to convert to partnerships resulting in innovative project collaborations.

On the 2nd of May the Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Mr Victor Dominello was taken on a VIP tour and stopped at selected exhibitor stands. He met with Associate Professor Jian Zhang and was very impressed with the team's video surveillance project using thermal video cameras which is now utilised by mining company, Nautitech. Mr Dominello also looked at the team's real time video analytics for human detection, tracking and counting. A live video feed was transmitted from the foyer of UTS Building 11, to the CeBIT stands. Mr Dominello was impressed, and excited by the potential for this technology to be utilised by industry.

image of Victor Dominello and Genfa Fang

Mr Dominello was also shown a demonstration of our Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Dr Gengfa Fang presented a walk through video of UTS' Engineering and IT Building (Building 11), which identified the thousands of sensors that have been installed to monitor a myriad of parameters such as energy conusmption, air conditioning, external weather conditions, and people. Mr Dominello remarked that the IoT demo was the best real showcase and behnchmark which clearly illustrated how IoT can solve some of society's big problems to make our planet more green and efficient.

Thank you to all of our team who attended CeBIT:

  • Associate Prof. Jian Zhang
  • Associate Prof. Qiang Wu
  • Dr JingSong Xu
  • Dr Richard Xu
  • Dr Genfa Fang
  • Associate Prof. Mehran Abolhasan
  • Professor Myriam Amielh
  • Dr Hongshu Chen

And a special thanks to Tracey Grinter from FEIT Marketing for pulling everything together!