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UTS:QSI has five talks accepted at Beyond I.I.D. in Information Theory 2017

11 July 2017

Beyond I.I.D. in information theory workshop focuses on one of the most dynamic, technologically promising, and intellectually exciting areas of today’s research landscape,  Quantum information science. UTS:QSI has achieved great success in this year Beyond I.I.D. workshop in Information Theory 2017, with 5 accepted talks (out of 35 total talks). 

The list of accepted talks are as follows. 

  • Renyi divergences as weighted noncommutative vector valued Lp-spaces
  • Moderate deviation analysis for classical communication over quantum channels
  • Quantum sphere-packing bounds and moderate deviation analysis for classical-quantum channels. 
  • A meta-converse for private communication over quantum channels
  • Semidefinite programming strong converse bounds for quantum channel capacities