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Support for UTS researchers

We offer specific funding schemes exclusive to UTS researchers to support their work and stimulate external or internal collaborations, these scheme include:

Early Career Researcher Scheme

The primary objective of this scheme is to support high quality research projects of modest financial cost, carried out by early career researchers or researchers who need to further develop their research careers requiring seed funding to become competitive in major external schemes.

Invention Commercialisation Seed Fund

All UTS researchers are eligible to apply for funds from this scheme to support proof-of-concept projects with significant short-term commercialisation potential.

As well as researcher development initiatives the UTS: Library also runs a number of specific programs for UTS researchers, under the motto “save me time, make me famous".

Women @ UTS

UTS is an Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency employer of choice for women in 2012, visit UTS: Equity and Diversity for further information.

Research Equity Initiative

The Research Equity Initiative is a major program to support researchers with carer responsibilities, and to promote gender equity in research at UTS.