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Early Career Researchers (ECR)

The ECR Connect program is a UTS initiative for early career researchers. The program provides a structured series of activities to assist individuals in the development of knowledge and skills which are central to a successful research career. It also gives participants the opportunity to create social and scholarly links with others at a similar career stage. The ECR Connect program will be offered once in 2017 and, following feedback from previous participants regarding the mode of delivery, the program comprises four full day sessions and associated research development activities.

Applications are invited from:

-          Newly appointed early career academics

-          Postdoctoral fellows

-          Mid-career academics who have a doctorate and who are trying to develop their research focus


The below is the 2017 Program: 

Session 1 - Managing and Leading Yourself & Developing Your Research Strategies

  • Researching at UTS
  • The Research Context – International, National and UTS
  • UTS Leadership Framework
  • Research Supervision
  • Planning your research career

Session 2 - Developing and Strengthening Your Research Track Record & Reputation

  • Internationalising research
  • Engaging externally
  • Collaborating and Networking
  • Your media strategy/profile

Session 3 - Finding and Applying for Research Funding/data management

  • Accessing research funding
  • Applying for research funding
  • Ethical Research Practices
  • Managing your research data

Session 4 - Managing Your Research Outputs

  • Writing and getting published
  • Teaching and Research Integration
  • Managing your research profile
  • Planning for your future

If you are interested, please contact Suzie Honan (suzie.honan@uts.edu.au) for more details.