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Indigenous Education and Employment

Everyone's responsibility

We believe Indigenous education is not only about creating opportunities for Indigenous people, but is equally about creating opportunities for all Australians to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous Australia. It is about taking us all into the future. It is about nation building.

UTS takes a whole-of-university approach to Indigenous education and employment. By raising its status, we have made the university’s commitment to Indigenous people and knowledge core business – everyone's responsibility.

The cornerstone of this approach is our new Indigenous Education and Employment Policy which assists us to actively work towards the sentiments in our Reconciliation Statement. It also aligns UTS with national Indigenous higher education objectives and internationally recognised principles.

Aside from affirming the principle of self-determination for Indigenous people, our policy ensures the university will create opportunities for all UTS students to gain knowledge of Indigenous Australia. 

We are committed to providing culturally safe spaces for Indigenous students within Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, but also at the university as a whole, so that Indigenous students feel confident that their experience at UTS is an inclusive one.

Part of this commitment sees us embedding certain practices into the public and ceremonial day-to-day life at UTS.

We are happy to advise staff regarding the ways in which they can recognise Indigenous people and our land:

Two UTS-wide integrated Indigenous strategies have been put in place in support of this new policy:

Both strategies set key objectives over a multi-year period and identify prominent staff across UTS who are responsible for their implementation, achievement and reporting.

Senior staff across UTS have partnered with Indigenous academic and non-academic staff to consolidate their expertise into five specialist sub-committees which are guided by the university executive and senior Indigenous community members. We believe this whole-of-university approach is one of the most comprehensive in the country.

Our achievements

The documents on this page detail UTS's achievements in Indigenous Education and Employment as reported annually to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Please view the documents for details.


Indigenous Education Statement 2015 (PDF, 415.68kB, 31 pages)
Indigenous Education Statement 2014 (PDF, 328.18kB, 22 pages)
26 pages)