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Find out what our Postgraduate students have learned in their time at UTS, and how it has helped them in their careers.


Samuel Kiely smallSamuel Kiely
Master of Business in Human Resource Management

"To differentiate yourself in the workforce you need that competitive edge, and UTS Business School offers that edge. "

Tazio Centrone smallTazio Centrone
Master of Management in Arts Management

"Reading in the news about a changing policy that reflects something I had researched and suggested the previous year is a real kick."

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UTS student Stefica BikesStefica Bikes
Master of Arts in Journalism

"Listen to the lecturers, most are professional journalists who have been in the industry for years, so they know what they’re talking about"

UTS student Nicoline FalconNicoline Falcon
Master of Arts in Communication Management

"I chose to study at UTS because I wanted to be an expert in the field of digital communication and the technology behind it."

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Design, Architecture and Building

Laura Jade Hindes
Master of Design

"I’ve always been fascinated with how art and science blend together; I feel as though both require very similar thinking"

UTS student Jane ParkerJane Parker
Master of Planning

"Something that I've found really beneficial is studying with a multidisciplinary group of students"



Heidi Sham, UTS Master of Arts in TESOL studentHeidi Sham
Master of Applied Linguistics and TESOL

"When comparing this against all the other major universities in Sydney offering similar courses, I felt UTS had more to offer me."


David Mueller, UTS Master of Teaching in Secondary Education studentDavid Mueller
Master of Teaching in Secondary Education

"Reflect on what difference you think you can make in the lives of your future students."

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UTS student Brian DoyleBrian Doyle
Master of Engineering Studies

"I started with the UTS Graduate Certificate in Engineering and then progressed to the Masters degree program."

UTS student Greg PetersGreg Peters
Master of Engineering Management

"I now have more than just the technical engineering point of view, which has increased my value to my employer."


Kylie RobbKylie Robb
Master of Health Services Management

"I have found my experience at UTS to have widened my horizons and scope of what is possible for me for the future"


Emily FitzgeraldEmily Fitzgerald
Master of Advanced Nursing

"I chose UTS because it had an excellent reputation within the teaching hospital I work at. It is known to produce excellent graduates. "


Information Technology

UTS student Junaid SahibzadaJunaid Sahibzada
Master of Science in Internetworking

"UTS taught me the value of hard work and persistence in the face of hardship."

UTS student Stefano BianchiniStefano Bianchini
Master of Business and Technology
"I can confidently say that this has proved to be the best investment I’ve made in my life!"

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UTS student Sally McGheeSally McGhee
Juris Doctor

"UTS provides the flexibility and understanding of postgraduate study."

UTS student Philip GrindleyPhilip Grindley
Master of Legal Studies

"For many postgraduates, finding meaningful study while building a working career is priceless. You need not look further than UTS: Law."



UTS student Cassandra KavanaghCassandra Kavanagh
Master of Science

"The thing that I love the most about my degree is learning from people who have had extensive experience working in the field. "

UTS student Abigail IrwinAbigail Marcella Irwin
Master of Science (Honours)

"My Marine science degree at UTS has pushed me far out of my comfort zone and allowed me the opportunity to work with passionate people."