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A fee calculator is provided to help students determine their fees for the current year.

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How fees are charged at UTS

Tuition fees for international students at UTS are charged for each subject a student studies, rather than for the course as a whole.

The fee for a subject is determined by its credit point value and the course in which you are enrolled.

To calculate an approximate total course fee, multiply the total credit points for your course by the fee per credit point, noting that:

  • The displayed fees are only for the calendar year indicated in the table. Fees are subject to annual increase. You will be charged the fee for the year you enrol in the subject, not for the year you commenced your course.
  • If you enrol in more subjects than are required, including when you need to repeat a subject already taken, your total course fee may be higher than expected.

Please note: Fees are set and are correct for the current (calendar) year and are revised annually. Fees for future year(s) published in the online calculator, whilst unlikely to change, are estimates only. UTS makes every effort to provide up to date future year(s) fee estimates and to limit any changes, however, UTS reserves the right to vary fees for future year(s) at any time.

In order to provide continuing students with some certainty about their total course cost, from 2016, UTS will provide grandparenting of tuition fees for international students.