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  • Lecturer (Associate Professor Julie Robert): Global Studies is a flexible degree. It provides students with the opportunity to study global challenges and problems, but to do that in a context where they get to choose one of five professional majors - business management, health communications or legal studies.

    Students are going to combine that professional major with the study of global issues, governance, economy, culture and then they get to augment that with lots of opportunities to, for instance, study overseas to study a language or to even go on exchange for a full semester.

    Student (Brittany Dawson): When I found out about the Global Studies degree, I liked that it gave me a combination of different subjects and enough opportunities like Exchange, and doing internships and it was just a good combination for me where I could have enough flexibility but also be guided and directed at the same time.

    Graduate (Ben Blackshaw): Global studies is a very current and hands-on-degree. A lot of the time you're not actually in the classroom. You’re out in field work, and then down at Barangaroo doing field trip visits or you're in research laboratories.

    Lecturer: Students who are studying global studies can look to a range of careers.

    Graduate: I currently work at the International Center for Democratic Partnerships, which is a not-for-profit and I work as a social media coordinator and researcher there and I was able to get that role through the global studies internship program, which is available for third year students.

    Lecturer: Students have the option of picking a range of electives. Up to one-third of the degree is elective study. They can do that in languages, specialist's country studies or a number of communications subjects that can be taken as electives.

    Graduate: I’d say the highlight for me during my time was being able to go overseas on exchange. I went overseas as part of UTS’s Global Exchange exchange program for six months to Paris. I was able to study in another context and that was really exciting.

    Student: I chose to go to Chile because I've been studying Spanish throughout my degree, so it was a perfect chance for me to use those language skills and also see an entirely different aspect of the world.

    Lecturer: Global Studies will also provide you with a range of soft skills or transferrable skills, things like communication, effective teamwork, collaboration, and complex understandings of problems, are all things that employers are going to be looking for.

    It's a fantastic degree if you study the languages, gives you so many opportunities to go abroad. You've got the internship. So the fact that you have all of this in one degree, it really enables you to get ahead in the job force.

  • The Bachelor of Global Studies features a choice of 5 professional majors in Business, Communication, Health, Legal Studies, and Management

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