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Develop your career at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia’s Number 1 Young University.

UTS Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building’s postgraduate programs are a platform for students to refine their specialist knowledge through industry-led curriculums taught by internationally renowned academics, multidisciplinary collaborations and technology driven studios.

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    Built Environment

  • Detail of a student work at the DAB end of year shows.  Blue 2D background with white image of figure and flora.

    Master of Design

  •  Eyal Weizman, Forensic Architecture. Author provided

    Master of Architecture

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    Why study postgrad at UTS

  • 23 October, 2019

    Design, Architecture and Building information sessions

    Speak to course coordinators, receive academic advice, and apply for free.

    Postgraduate information evening

    Research Degree information evening

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    How to Apply

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    Got questions?

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    Institute for Public Policy and Governance


    [music plays]

    00:01 [text: Discover a university where technology drives knowledge]

    00:04 [camera pans across the Sydney Opera House followed by the Sydney Harbour Bridge]

    00:06 [close-up of a man’s face furrowed in concentration]

    00:07 [close-up of a man blinking]

    00:08 [camera pans out to reveal the two men holding engineering plans and pointing up at the Harbour Bridge]

    00:10 [camera zooms in to autonomous robot working inside the Harbour Bridge]

    00:12 [new scene: a female and a male researcher are working with an elaborate tubing system filled with bright green algae]

    00:13 [new scene: two people wearing 3D glasses, surrounded by coloured lights that make up a three-dimensional representation of data]

    00:16 [text: with social justice at its core]

    00:17 [a male research student walks into a science lab where a female researcher and supervisor are working]

    00:19 [female research student holds up agar plates and points out salient features to the other two researchers]

    00:20 [new scene: young students in colourful clothes are walking towards a school building in Indonesia]

    00:21 [text: education that opens doors]

    00:22 [a young Australian woman stands at the front of a room, talking enthusiastically to a group of adults and children from different backgrounds seated on the floor]

    00:23 [new scene: two male researchers look at a model of a wheel on a computer screen]

    00:24 [new scene: a man in a powered wheelchair moves easily down a small step, with the help of the wheel attachment the researchers designed]

    00:26 [text: in the heart of Sydney’s digital and creative precinct]

    00:27 [a female academic walks her bike along a path, then looks up at eye-catching building]

    00:29 [the academic waves at a small group of students who are working on a drone]

    00:30 [the students wave back, then launch the drone]

    00:31 [drone aerial footage of a modern-looking university campus]

    00:33 [text: a place where innovation and collaboration thrive]

    00:36 [drone footage flying through the inside of a building equipped with bright study and relaxation spaces]

    00:38 [new scene: drone aerial footage of the outside of a futuristic-looking building with a sharply angled aluminium façade]

    00:39 [camera pans out to reveal the letters UTS on the side of the building]

    00:40 [text: a university that reimagines education]

    00:41 [a diverse group of students are seated around a small table in a classroom]

    00:43 [a female academic talks to the group]

    00:47 [the students work together, laughing]

    00:49 [new scene: students work at pinning coloured thread together on a wall]

    00:50 [the academic talks through the problem with the students as they work on it]

    00:51 [students continue to work with a range of coloured post-it notes on the wall]

    00:53 [new scene: one of the students stands in front of the rest of the group who are seated, presenting]

    00:55 [text: Australia’s number 1 university]

    00:57 [text: University of Technology Sydney]