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MBA, EMBA and MBAe: Which is right for you?

The UTS suite of MBA programs offer you the opportunity to gain a broader perspective on a range of industries, to challenge yourself by investigating real issues facing the world today, and to connect and engage with experts in the field, all while studying at an institution that is centrally located and globally recognised for excellence in business education. But which degree will meet your needs?

MBA – Tailor Your Degree, Create Your Career

The Master of Business Administration is a highly transportable and globally recognised qualification, which can be studied over two years full-time, or four years or more part-time, allowing you to adjust your studies to fit in with the balance of work, rest and family. As well as providing you with core subjects to strengthen your knowledge across many disciplines, the MBA gives you the opportunity to specialise in a specific field and structure your degree so that it offers the maximum benefit for your future. Develop your expertise with a choice of majors or two sub-majors, or explore a range of topics with a choice of over 150 electives.  

Executive MBA – Building Networks and Broadening Horizons

The Executive MBA (EMBA) represents the highest achievement in business education. With a strong emphasis on a cohort model of learning – including two immersive residential units – it is designed to create a network of high-achieving participants with extensive industry experience. When you undertake the Executive MBA, you are given a broader and more strategic insight with core units across each of the key fields of business leadership. Participants have already established a specialisation within their career prior to beginning this degree, and are now focused on strengthening their expertise across all disciplines of business and management. This degree is conducted on a part-time basis over two years incorporating both block mode and weekly sessions, and is catered to fit into even the busiest executive lifestyles.

MBA in Entrepreneurship - a 1-year intensive MBA designed for entrepreneurs and innovators

Launched in 2016, the UTS MBA in Entrepreneurship (MBAe) is comprised of three short courses. Each able to be undertaken in isolation as its own Graduate Certificate, participants gain and apply key business skills and knowledge (the Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation), develop internal and external relationship building and strategic capacity (the Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship) and develop your unique selling proposition and sales pitch (the Graduate Certificate in New Venture Funding). However the MBAe experience is not just limited to the class-room. MBAe students take advantage of a wide range of extra-curricular activities that develop your key competencies, experience and networks.

Summary – Differences between the UTS MBA, EMBA and MBAe

Which MBA is for you?