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24 July

Masterclass: How do you value a non listed business? 

This lecture covers the following issues: what methodologies are commonly employed to value non-public firms; what problems are usually encountered; followed by a discussion of recommendations for best practice when considering non-public firm value.

Facilitator: Dr Gary Gibbons, Clinical Associate Professor, Thunderbird School of Global Management, USA and Principal, The Coleridge Group, Investment Advisory Firm, USA.



3 August 

Masterclass: Start-up strategy, all you need to know

Your strategy and execution can help you achieve your goals and succeed. In this upcoming masterclass, you will receive an introduction to some strategic planning tools and frameworks and execution methodologies

Facilitator: Alec Lynch, Founder and CEO, DesignCrowd


17 August

Masterclass: Conscious entrepreneur

Being conscious, or self-aware is an essential factor needed for successful entrepreneurship today. This 3-hour workshop opens the doorway to becoming a more conscious entrepreneur.

Facilitator: Nick Freedman, consultant and TED speaker. 


31 August

Masterclass: Visual Communication

Being able to use hand drawn graphics and words together to demonstrate ideas and communicate gives you a new language to work with.

Facilitator: Simon Banks, emcee, speaker, facilitator and artist.