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UTS:Orthoptics - Bree Moore (Orthoptist) and Dr Paula Berdoukas (Ophthalmologist)

(Music plays, opening title image for UTS Graduate School of Health. Cuts to Bree who is an Orthoptist and is speaking from a consulting room in a private eye-care clinic.)

Bree Moore: My name is Bree and I am an Orthoptist and I work with eye doctors, in a day surgery setting. (cuts to image of Bree working with Dr Richard Smith in a private eye-care clinic - both dressed in clinical scrubs)

Dr Paula Berdoukas: I'm Dr Paul Berdoukas and I'm a general Ophthalmologist. (Cuts to Paula consulting with a male patient in a consulting room. Referring to a hand-held, medical model of an eye.) 

The orthoptists play an integral role in each of the components of clinical practice. In my clinic I often work with Bree, an orthoptist who assists me with patients. (Cuts to imagery of Paula and Bree discussing patients documents in the clinic. music plays).

We collaborate and look at any of the results of investigations she has performed, so we can the both discuss with the patient any management required down the track. (cuts to Bree in a consulting room in the clinic).

Bree Moore: I chose orthoptics so i could have a job that worked with science, but also with patients as well.

Dr Paula Berdoukas: Currently there are approximately 500 orthoptists throughout australia, and in the next few years the demand is going to exceed the output. 

Bree Moore: I graduated in 2008. Before I graduated we had clinical placement. Clinical placement provided an opportunity where I could put the theory into practice. It enabled me to show my future bosses what I could do as an Orthoptist. (Cut to Bree removing an eye-patch from a male patient who has undergone laser eye-surgery)

Dr Paula Berdoukas: My exposure to orthoptics is in a private, clinic setting and surgery, but i have colleagues who work with orthoptists in a public hospital; they're also involved in research and in rehabilitation. (Cuts to Paula speaking from a patient consulting room)

Now is a very good time to choose Orthoptics as a career, because there is availability of jobs. Practices such as the one I work in, are constantly requiring Orthoptists who are versed in the latest technology and in clinical assessments to fill spots in our practice.

(Closing title image with web URL for UTS Graduate School of Health www.gsh.uts.edu.au, second closing title with URL "With thanks to Focus Eye Centre, Kingsford http://focuseyecentre.com.au"  )