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Anastasia Spiropoulos: Property Economics Student

In the property economics degree you learn everything that there is to do about property. Anything from property law, to management, to development, to valuations. Basically all the skills that you need in order to make you an appealing candidate in the property industry.

This wasn’t necessarily an area that I was definitely going to go into. I know I had an interest in property, but after speaking to quite a few people and learning about what the course was, thats when I became really interested.

There are so many different areas that a property economics student can get into, beginning from real estate into funds management or asset management, or any type of valuation from residential to commercial. A lot of people get into leasing.

I work for Savills in an entry level role in support for luxury residential sales. Often we have a few subjects a semester whereby they are run by a block period structure, so for two Fridays and two Saturdays of a whole semester you go in and learn for university and thats your whole subject done. This also makes you much more appealing in the industry.

I can definitely see myself in a very secure position. We learn so much in this area that you can move around so quickly. There are so many things you can do.