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Community and leadership programs

Student representation

UTS encourages you to represent your peers and bring your experience, values, insight and interest to the work of the UTS committees, boards and groups that deal with student matters. 

Through participation on the University’s committees, you have the opportunity to contribute to discussions and decision-making on academic, faculty and research matters, as well as in areas of scholarship, governance and community service. You will also gain valuable experience in advocacy, negotiation and teamwork. 

How to get involved

Student elections

Many positions for students on UTS committees are filled through student elections, and eligible students can stand for these positions with the support of two of their peers. Student candidates on Academic Board's committees are nominated and elected by Academic Board members.

For further information about standing in student elections, see nominating in UTS elections.

If you are eligible to stand in these elections, you will be contacted at your student.uts.edu.au email address at that time. Further information on elections, including nomination forms, are available on the UTS: Elections website when nominations open.

Student appointments

Some UTS Committees include positions for students that are filled by appointment. 

Your commitment and availability

If you are interested in getting involved, one thing to consider is your availability to prepare for and attend committee meetings. Meeting preparation involves reading each meeting’s papers before coming to the meeting. The usual meeting timetable for a committee is provided with election information at the time of elections or on that Committee’s website. 

Committee participation and your AHEGS

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) lists the positions of responsibility you held during your time as a student at UTS and the details of any awards or extracurricular activities connected with the University, for example, involvement in sports or societies. 

Your committee participation, including the number of meetings you attended, is noted on your AHEGS.

UTS committees

There are elected or appointed positions for students on the following UTS committees.

UTS Council

UTS Council is the governing body of the University. Its powers and functions include the control of the University's affairs, concerns and property. Council acts in all matters that best promote the objectives and interests of the University. 

There are two positions for students on UTS Council.

Council’s membership includes the UTS Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Chair of Academic Board as well as people with senior experience in fields such as education, technology, research or innovation, business or industry. 

Student/Council Liaison Group

Student/Council Liaison Group is a forum for UTS students, members of the University Council and UTS senior management to discuss matters of UTS policy and governance relevant to the student body.

There are ten elected positions for students on the Student/Council Liaison Group, comprising the two elected student members of Council and eight elected students from Academic Board. There are also several places filled by student office holders like the President of the UTS Students' Association and President of the UTS Union (ActivateUTS).   

Academic Board

Academic Board is the principal advisory body to UTS Council on academic matters. It plays a key role in the UTS community by providing a forum for the discussion and debate of the academic directions of the University as well as the quality of its academic programs.

There are eight elected positions for students on Academic Board.

Members of Academic Board also include senior members of the University’s teaching, learning and research staff and elected faculty staff representatives.

Committees of Academic Board

Many of the committees that report to Academic Board have elected and appointed positions for students. You can find position details as well as contact points for Academic Board's committees at: 

Faculty boards

Each UTS faculty has its own faculty board, which acts as the faculty’s primary forum for the discussion and resolution of academic issues and matters.

Each faculty board has a number of elected positions for students.

ActivateUTS Board

The Board is responsible for the governance of ActivateUTS. ActivateUTS operates bars, cafes and food outlets across the UTS campus. It also is responsible for the registration of official UTS student clubs.

There are seven elected positions for student directors on the Board. To find out more about being a representative on the ActivateUTS Board, see ActivateUTS: Who we are.

UTS Students' Association

The UTS Students' Association is a completely independent and democratic organisation run by students, for students. Visit the UTS Students' Association for more information.