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UTS strategic direction

Our vision

Our vision is to be a world-leading university of technology.

We will do this by embedding and showcasing leading edge IT and other technologies in all disciplines; performing strongly in the disciplines of science, engineering and technology; remaining highly relevant to industry and the professions; and aligning our education and research with relevant national and economic priorities. 

UTS Strategic Plan 2009–2018

Our Strategic Plan (PDF 1 mb) is guiding our activities in the years ahead and to ensure that we realise our potential as a university.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to advance knowledge and learning to progress the professions, industry and communities of the world.

Our values

The values that guide our performance and our interactions with each other, with students, our partners and the wider community:

  • Discover and share new knowledge and new ways to lead through our teaching, research, intellectual debate and use of technology.
  • Engage and collaborate with each other, our students, alumni, partners, professions and communities, locally and internationally.
  • Empower each other and our students to grow, contribute, challenge and make a difference.
  • Deliver on our obligations to each other, our students, our partners and communities while maintaining high standards and ethical behaviour.
  • Sustain our local and global environment, organisational health and our ability to create a positive, viable future.

Our objectives during 2014–2018

To build our reputation during 2014–2018 we are:

  1. Engaging our students in creative and inspiring learning that enable them to build strong professional identities, future-focussed graduate capabilities and global citizenship.
  2. Increasing the scale, quality and impact of research in our discipline fields.
  3. Leveraging our environment to connect students, staff, alumni, industry and the community to create sustained opportunities for collaborative learning, innovative research and enduring relationships.
  4. Leading UTS into a sustainable future; fostering creativity, agility and resilience in our people, processes and systems.

We monitor our progress towards these objectives through a commitment to quality improvement.

The UTS Annual Report provides a yearly snapshot of the university’s performance against its strategic objectives and priorities.