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Safety and wellbeing

Essential information for contractors

Supervisors can use the information below to help induct contractors and other workers. In addition, supervisors can also customise the local health and safety induction checklist (UTS staff access only) to address the health and safety procedures, activities and hazards in their work area.



Workers at the University other than staff - including:

  • contractors
  • affiliates
  • employees of labour hire companies who have been assigned to work at the University
  • outworkers
  • apprentices
  • trainees
  • work experience students at the University
  • volunteers (including members of the UTS Peer Network).


(Per the Health and Safety Responsibilities Vice-Chancellor's Directive )


Know what to do

  • In an emergency


  • 6 from any internal phone, or 
  • 1800 249 559 from mobile phones (everyone who has a mobile phone on campus should add this number to their contacts). 

You should be familiar with the UTS evacuation procedures. UTS: Facilities management provide details of the evacuation procedures, and the Escape from UTS video which shows how to evacuate UTS.

  • When an accident or incident happens

If you are involved in any accident or incident (including a near miss) at UTS it must be reported. Find out more about reporting an accident or incident at UTS.

If someone is injured, ensure that they receive first aid and/or medical treatment.

Contractors and other workers who injure themselves or damages their property while on UTS premises should contact UTS Insurance.

  • If you see a hazard or risk

Report it to:

Managing risks

UTS: Safety and wellbeing provides details of practical application of health and safety risk management at UTS for a variety of safety topics.

Specific guidance is available on:



Training for staff and contractors engaging in construction & building maintenance work

See the Building and construction section of this web site for the various levels of training provided.



The Safety and Wellbeing at UTS: Guide for Students and Staff (PDF, 1.8MB) brochure also contains information useful for inducting contractors and other workers to the University.