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UTS Science in Focus: The algae revolution

Cylinders of algae

By 2050, with a predicted population of nine billion, we will need the resources from three Earths to satisfy our hunger, literally! What solutions are there to solve some of the problems a growing population will bring?

At UTS, scientists are grappling with issues of sustainability, and food and energy security, by spearheading a bio-economy based on microalgae, the microscopic plants that have the potential to revolutionise the food we eat, the medicines we take and the energy we rely on.

In this UTS Science in Focus talk, you’ll hear from two leading algae researchers from UTS Science’s Climate Change Cluster (C3): Professor Peter Ralph, C3 Director of and founder of the NSW Deep Green Biotech Hub; and Dr Janice McCauley, a C3 Research Fellow part of Bioproducts Research Program.

Peter RalphProfessor Ralph will explain how the Deep Green Biotech Hub will bring NSW to the forefront of algae-based biotechnology innovation and potentially a new industry in Australia that will create new products and jobs.

Profile photo Dr Janice McCauley, Research Fellow, Climate Change Cluster

Dr McCauley will talk about some of the exciting products being made from algae, from enzymes and pharmaceuticals to food, and even beer!



'The algae revolution' is part of Sydney Science Festival during National Science Week.  
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16 August 2017
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


City - BroadwayCB01 The Great Hall, Tower Building 1





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