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FEIT Learning Precinct


CB11, Level 5, Room 300

The FEIT Learning Precinct is a collaborative, learner-centred space providing students with resources and study areas to support active learning. In between classes, you can study or conduct group work here, or you can use this space to access teachers for individual and small group support. Plus there's loads of reference material, and software and hardware resources.

UTS student collects a tool kit from the FEIT Learning Precinct

The following resources and services are available to students within the FEIT Learning Precinct:

PCs and Printers

PCs in the FEIT Learning Precinct are equipped with faculty-specific software used in subjects, including some training packages, mathematical and simulation packages, CAD and drawing software, and component data. There are also CDs and DVDs in the resource collection for use in the Learning Precinct. 

Lab Equipment

The FEIT Learning Precinct offers a large range of laboratory equipment and facilities for student use including power supplies, oscilloscopes, minilabs, soldering irons, standard lead kits and tool kits, as well as other more specialised equipment. There is also a video camera and data projector for students to practice and review presentations.

Modules and Kits

Modules and kits that may be used in the teaching of some subjects are often available from the FEIT Learning Precinct.

Subject Materials

Course Study Guides, subject handouts, assignment cover sheets and other general subject information for many subjects are available for reference, and students should check with lecturers as to what materials for their subject are in the FEIT Learning Precinct.

Group Study Rooms

There are Group Study Rooms available in the FEIT Learning Precinct, suitable for quiet group study or project work for up to about eight students. They also contain smartboards and computers to practice class presentaitons and review subject material. The Group Study Rooms may be booked for up to one hour per day for groups of three or more students.