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Three new undergraduate courses for 2017

10 August 2016

Students learning in the robotic studio
Undergraduate learning in the robotics studio. Image: Chris Shain

The Faculty of Engineering and IT is offering three new undergraduate courses for 2017. 

Each course has been developed through consultation with our industry partners, academics and students and is focussed on meeting current and future need for graduates with the skills to identify and solve new challenges as they emerge in


Computing Science

At the cutting edge design of computers and computation, the course content is a mix of theory and practice with a strong focus on mathematics. Students will gain skills in problem solving, teamwork and communication.

Thumbnail shot of Damon Rees

Damon Rees
Chief Information & Digital Officer, NSW Government

Computer science and technology is now so embedded throughout organisations that a degree that gives you technical skills combined with the ability to learn and adapt and grow over time, well you can take that starting point anywhere”.  

Data Engineering

Builds the cyber-physical infrastructures driving the collection, transmission, storage, and analysis of data.  Students will learn the theoretical foundations, entrepreneurial values and professional skills to build data platforms and for innovation, research and advanced practice.

Greg Ellis
Thumbnail image of Greg EllisExecutive Director, Ticketing and Concessions, Transport for NSW

There won’t be enough data engineers out there so really opportunities will be fairly limitless! The idea of being able to deal with data as a whole will be extremely important – it is now, and will be much more important as time goes on


Software Engineering

The physical design, analysis and management of software is vital to ensuring safe, reliable, secure and maintainable systems.  Students will gain skills to identify issues and create new possibilities with the application of large scale software design.

Dr Tom McBride
Thumbnail image of Tom McBrideSenior Lecturer School of Software, UTS

This degree will be one of the few that can concentrate on software engineering, as opposed to computer science or a less than thorough introduction to software engineering. It will be concentrating on the engineering of software – it’s hard-core.

All UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT students have access to internships and work placements, which develops real-world knowledge and experience which is highly sought after by employers. 

Our wide range of sponsors provide prizes, awards and scholarships which can help students through your studies.