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Research and partnerships

Current projects

Reserve Bank of Australia

Identifying the leadership practices that underpin collaborative innovation.

LP21 researchers engaged: Eng Chew.


Griffith Hack

Service Innovation

LP21 researchers: Emmanuel Mastio and Ken Dovey


Project Broadway (Start-up)

Identifying, through action research, the social practices that underpin the creation and commercialisation of an innovative new product.

LP21 researchers engaged: Eng Chew, Steve Hunt and Ken Dovey (MBT researcher involved: Samson Korawali).


Transfield Foundation/Australian Broadcasting Organisation/BBC (funded)

Analysis of the leadership practices underpinning innovation within the creative arts industries.

LP21 researchers engaged: Steve Burdon, Ken Dovey, Grant Mooney and Bob Simpson.


Various European Companies (for example ABB)

The role of iSIM in business model innovation.

LP21 researcher engaged: Eng Chew.


Luxembourg Research Project (funded)

Business innovation.

LP21 researcher engaged: Eng Chew.


Reserve Bank of Australia (funded)

Service resilience.

LP21 Researcher engaged: Eng Chew.


Public, non-profit and private organisations.

Case study research on the sensemaking processes and stakeholder negotiations on the multiple dimensions of value and how this influences project portfolio decision making.

LP21 researcher engaged: Catherine Killen (lead researcher: Karyne Ang)


Multiple organisations

Organisational learning and maturity for project portfolio management. Benchmarking and research study including Australian and overseas organisations.

LP21 researcher engaged: Catherine Killen


Defense, Health, Communication and other Australian organisations

Implementation and analysis of new methods to represent project interdependencies to support portfolio decision making.

LP21 researcher engaged: Catherine Killen (external researcher: Cai Kjaer, Optimice).



Software practice for productivity and quality.

LP21 researcher engaged: Julia Prior.


Transfield Services (funded)

Best practice innovation and creativity programs in engineering and technology service organisations.

LP21 researchers engaged: Steve Burdon and Grant Mooney.


Australian Information Industry Association (funded)

Exploring AIIA member's innovation culture from an employee's and competitor's viewpoint.

LP21 researchers engaged: Steve Burdon, Grant Mooney and Ken Dovey.