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  • The MBT program is no longer accepting new students. 

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    Good leadership and digital disruption

    What makes a good business leader in the face of digital disruption?

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  • We take those managers who have a technical background and we equip them with more soft skills such as strategic finance, leadership (which is a key aspect of the MBT), change, cultural change, change management,  all those things which enables them to become the leaders of tomorrow because the leaders of tomorrow will be the ones who will be digitally savvy, technology savvy but will have those soft skills as well.

    Being in my first year of the MBP, I was already confident enough. I started looking for different job (sic) within the IT industry. So from IT security analysis, I became a business analyst, started managing projects and with the tools that I've learnt from MBT strategy, change management , I was able to make that transition smoothly. 
    My own commitment to the students from start is to make everything industry related. It's a transformative experience. I've actually seen it firsthand, people have really regained a new sense of purpose of what they want to do in life professionally as well and sometimes completely re-energised.

    Undertaking studying while you're working is quite a challenge, but what I found is the content of the masters program was very aligned to what I've learnt at work, so that really helped enormously. It brought a new dimension to work: better perspective, better techniques and a different insight about what you were doing. So actually it's quite a powerful combination.

    The Master of Business Technology provided me an opportunity to get proper management and leadership skills that I could complement my technical skills with. It earnt me a seat at the management table and, and helped me to have my view taken seriously and to become a part of the conversation about business decisions and not just technology ones. 

    Everyday or every session, we have some type of games or we have workshops where they have to solve some problems or analyse a scientific paper, come up with some solutions. That's where the richness is, that's the beauty of having a small group and a highly selected group. So what's very unique is only one academic, who is me, is actually teaching in the MBT. All the rest of the subjects are taught by professionals. And those are hand-picked professionals, experts in their field. We can actually change and bring in new professionals. So this freedom, gives us the ability to always be nimble, and always to bring the best people at the right time, at the right place.

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