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Building Empathy - one website at a time!

20 April 2017

Build a website to promote empathy and understanding for refugees and asylum seekers and win $2000!

About the project

Inspired by poems by Ian Syson and Kenneth Slessor, the Empathy Poems project seeks to raise awareness and understanding in support of refugee and asylum seekers, particularly in the context of the Australian immigration policy.

About the competition

We need your talent and vision to bring this project to life. We are seeking applications from students with heart and creativity to build the project website and house the submitted poems and other project related activities.

The website needs to be visually appealing and should inspire compassion and empathy particularly within the context of displacement and refugees and asylum seekers. The website needs to have an impact — visually, emotionally and mentally.

The site will be launched as part of Refugee Week 2017 activities and might be used for housing other Refugee Week events as well.

Who can apply

Any UTS student with the relevant skills can apply. This does not have to be a solo effort- gather a team of students from across disciplines and areas of study to form the ultimate super-unit. Note that the cash prize of $2000 will then be awarded to the team as a whole, not for each individual team member.

How to apply

To apply, please email fass.engagement@uts.edu.au with the following:

  • A complete application form (DOCX, 36KB)
  • A one page description of your vision for the website and why you think you or your team are best suited to complete this project.
  • A prototype of your proposed website in WordPress.

Applications close on Monday 8 May 2017.

Selection process

Once applications close, a shortlist of the top five applications will be submitted to a panel of judges for final selection.

Selection criteria include:

  • Commitment to social justice
  • Technical ability
  • Vision

The panel will consist of (pending availability):

Winners will be announced on Monday, 15 May 2017.

Winners will work directly with Associate Professor Debra Adelaide to create the website.

More information

For further details and questions please email fass.engagement@uts.edu.au