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Physical accessibility

Equal opportunity at UTS

Equal opportunity is the application of human rights principles and laws to help create an equitable environment for work, study and the provision of services.

Equal opportunity aims to ensure that the diversity of the Australian community is reflected in the profile of an organisation. It is important to know your equal opportunity rights and responsibilities.

Access to the UTS built environment

Accessible facilities at UTS include:

  • parking available for staff, students and visitors with disabilities (map)
  • toilets (map)
  • lecture halls, and
  • teaching spaces.

The UTS disability access maps provide campus access details.

The UTS accessible environments policy (Section 24: UTS design guidelines) ensures that all new facilities are designed to be accessible, and remedial works are regularly carried out where required. The accessible environments advisory group assists UTS to develop a coordinated and strategic approach to identifying, prioritising and resolving built environment access issues.

Accessible parking

Accessible parking at UTS is enforced by UTS Security, which is authorised to issue parking tickets under an agreement with the NSW RTA and Police. This ensures the accessible parking is available to the people with disabilities who require it.

To park in accessible parking at UTS you need to get a UTS accessible parking permits.

UTS accessible parking permits

Depending on why you are coming to UTS, there are different ways to get a UTS accessible parking permit: