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Whitney Fitzsimmons

Master of Arts in Journalism

Why I chose to do postgraduate study at UTS

I had been a journalist for more than ten years when I decided to do my Masters degree. I knew UTS had a great reputation for journalism and I was interested in analysing the role of the media in society: What role does it play in a democracy and how has this role changed over time, particularly with the development of technology?

Although I had been working in newsrooms for over a decade, my Masters degree gave me even more confidence in my ability to understand storytelling. It boosted my confidence in writing for different media such as online publications, print, TV and radio. It also introduced me to a lot of different theories around news and journalism, some of which I agreed with, some of which I didn’t. But the exposure was fantastic!

Where my career has taken me since my degree

I continued to host Business Today at the ABC as well as host The Drum and present the NSW 7pm news. I also worked as a reporter for ABC Radio Current Affairs and filed for AM, PM and The World Today. I also began writing for publications such as ABC News online, The Drum online, News.com.au and The Australian. I’ve also been the Australian Federal Political Correspondent for the Singapore based TV network Channel News Asia. I am currently the Executive Producer of Small Business Secrets for SBS TV, which is a new show highlighting the importance and success of small business on the Australian economic landscape.

Life as a journalist

There is no typical day. That’s why most people choose journalism because as clichéd as it sounds whenever news breaks you have to be there to cover it.

Be prepared to work hard, work very, very hard. Don’t listen to the critics unless it’s coming from someone you respect and trust.

Early in my career the Vice President of News for TV network I was working for at the time told me I would never be a TV News presenter and that I was terrible. But after that job I went on to prove them wrong and became a TV news presenter with my own show for ten years at the ABC.

You have to remember it’s a subjective industry and you have to trust your own judgment.

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Executive Producer, Small Business Secrets


"My Masters degree boosted my confidence in writing for different media such as online publications, print, TV and radio."