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Vadim Brodskis

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Home country:


When I was looking at universities in Sydney, UTS was one of the only ones which offered a double degree of IT and International Studies majoring in Japanese.

I am very impressed with the quality of the technology at UTS. When I studied networking we had routers and connection cables and it was all high-tech. The new style lecture theatres make the lecture more interactive as the lecturer walks around and asks questions and makes us think. I really like that. The group work is good because it taught me a lot. I had to be a project manager in my group for one subject and when I was interviewed for my first part-time job that’s one of the skills which they really liked.

I’ve definitely involved myself in UTS’s societies and clubs. I’ve been the executive member of Anime UTS for four years now. When I started at UTS, I didn’t have any friends — it was a new country, new city, new university. I’m interested in Japan and Japanese culture so I went and joined the Japanese club and Anime UTS. I got along with the people there and we are really close friends now. I’m also the webmaster there so I’m using my IT skills to make the website more mobile-friendly. I would highly recommend joining a club or society because the friends you make here at university, they will be your friends for life.

The UTS Careers Hub is amazing. I’m currently doing the Accomplish Award program and it’s definitely helping me improve how I present myself and how I market myself to new employers. At the moment I’m looking at graduate programs and applying for internships. With the help of UTS Careers and the knowledge UTS has given me, I’m confident I can enter the job market, show them that I’m amazing and make them hire me.

Sydney is very different to my home city in Latvia. There are so many cultures in Sydney and the diversity of food is amazing. It’s great. And of course, there are the people. Australians are very nice, helpful, kind, and easy-going.

My exchange year in Japan was amazing. I would recommend it to every student who comes; if you can go overseas for exchange it will open up your horizons. I wouldn’t say I was a close-minded person but I didn’t really have much of an idea about cultures aside from my own Latvia-Russian culture and Australia. Going to Japan and living there for one year was a truly phenomenal experience. Now I’m confident that if I go there again for work, traveling or for study, I know what I need to do, I know how to get it done.

UTS is a very good university, not just because it has new buildings and great facilities, but the location in the city. Being able to access Market City, Chinatown, Darling Harbor, George Street Cinema, Broadway Shopping Centre, Central Park, only a few minutes away is super convenient. I would not want to go to anywhere else.

I think the possibilities at UTS are endless. The number of different degrees is amazing and you can meet people from all over the world, come together and make friends. It is a great experience.

"With the knowledge UTS has given me, I’m confident I can enter the job market, show them that I’m amazing and make then hire me."