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Dr Wei Liu


Lecturer in the Advanced Analytics Institute, School of Software, Faculty of Engineering and IT.

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Lecturer, A/DRsch Advanced Analytics Institute
+61 2 9514 3782

Research Interests

I have been publishing papers in the following research areas: tensor factorization, graph mining, game theory, data imbalance handling, spatio-temporal data mining,  discrimination-free learning, anomaly detection, and causal inference.

Can supervise: Yes
Registered at Category Level 1.
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery; Data Analytics;

Conference Papers

Liu, W. & Williams, M. 2008, 'Strategies for Business in Virtual Worlds: Case Studies in Second Life', Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, Suzhou, China, July 2008 in Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, PACIS 2008, ed Wayne Huang, Hock Hai Teo, City University of Hong Kong Press, China, pp. 888-900.
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In this paper, we use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to analyse and understand a range of business strategies in Second Life.
Xu, K., Chen, X., Liu, W. & Williams, M. 2006, 'Legged Robot Gait Locus Generation Based on Genetic Algorithms', International Symposium on Practical Cognitive Agents and Robots, Perth, Australia, November 2006 in International Symposium on Practical Cognitive Agents and Robots (PCAR 2006) - Proceedings, ed Xiaoping Chen, Wei Liu and Mary-Anne Williams, ACM digital library, Australia, pp. 51-62.
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Achieving an effective gait locus for legged robots is a challenging task. It is often done manually in a laborious way due to the lack of research in automatic gait locus planning. Bearing this problem in mind, this article presents a gait locus planning method using inverse kinematics while incorporating genetic algorithms. Using quadruped robots as a platform for evaluation, this method is shown to generate a good gait locus for legged robots.

Journal Articles

Liu, W., Sukhorukov, A.A., Miroshnichenko, A., Poulton, C.G., Xu, Z., Neshev, D. & Kivshar, Y. 2010, 'Complete Spectral Gap In Coupled Dielectric Waveguides Embedded Into Metal', Applied Physics Letters, vol. 97, no. 2, pp. 1-3.
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We study a plasmonic coupler involving backward (TM01) and forward (HE11) modes of dielectric waveguides embedded into an infinite metallic background. The simultaneously achievable contradirectional energy flows and codirectional phase velocities in dif
Chen, X., Liu, W. & Williams, M. 2009, 'Introduction: Practical Cognitive Agnets and Robots', Autonomous Agents And Multi-Agent Systems, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 245-247.
Liu, W. & Williams, M. 2002, 'Trustworthiness Of Information Sources And Information Pedigrees', Lecture Notes In Computer Science vol 2333 - Intelligent Agents Viii: Agent Theories, Architectures, And Languages, vol. 2333, pp. 290-306.
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To survive, and indeed thrive, in an open heterogenous information sharing environment, an agent's ability to evaluate the trustworthiness of other agents becomes crucial. In this paper, we investigate a procedure for evaluating an agent's trustworthines