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Sarah Hearne


Sarah Hearne has practiced architecture in offices in Australia and Europe. She completed a Masters at University of California Los Angeles under Greg Lynn, a studio of advanced research to find links between UCLA and their industrial partner, Disney Imagineering. She is currently completing her PhD on 1970s drawing culture of architecture at UCLA under the supervision of Sylvia Lavin. Her particular research expertise relates to the tools and procedures of architectural representation. This research covers both the artful side of drawing, but also covers the transformation of drawing to meet increasing pressures of industrialisation, including the rise of procedure, processing and BIM. She has curatorial experience as an assistant curator and catalogue editor for the exhibition series, Everything Loose Will Land curated by Sylvia Lavin, The Artless Drawing: Neil Denari at ACE Gallery, as well as early involvement on a project with Greg Lynn to develop a strategic plan for the establishment of digital archives. She was also on the editorial board of the AA publication Fulcrum, and currently is a lecturer at University of Technology's School of Architecture..


2003 Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship 2011 Elaine Krown Klein Fine Arts Scholarship 2011 Clifford Webb Fine Arts Scholarship 2011 Marten Bequest Highly Commended Award 2012 Eduardo Contini Interdisciplinary Award 2012 Welton Beckett Fine Arts Prize
Lecturer, School of Architecture
B.Arch UTS, B.Arts(Hons)Arch UTS, M.Arch UCLA 2010

Research Interests

History of architectural tools and procedures, visualization and architecture, authorship, standardisation and graphic languages, new media
History and Theory of Architecture

Non traditional outputs

Hearne, S.A. 2014, 'Working on Paper', AA School Bedford Press, London.