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Professor Peter Fray


Professor of Journalism Practice Peter Fray is one of the country's most experienced and innovative media professionals. A former editor or editor-in-chief of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Sun-Herald, The Canberra Times and The Sunday Age, Fray has lived the reality of the digital revolution that's forever changed the way journalism is practiced, received and distributed.

His startup PolitiFact Australia brought the fact-checking revolution to Australia for the 2013 Federal election and instilled in him the need to collaborate, innovate and find new ways of connecting audiences with journalism — and making it pay. Fray joined UTS in late 2015 after a stint as deputy editor of The Australian.

He's been appointed a 2016 Tow-Knight Fellow at City University New York and has previously been the First Decade Fellow and adjunct professor in media and politics at Sydney University. A former foreign correspondent for The Age and SMH, Fray has reported widely on media, politics, religion, national affairs and agriculture. He is a failed gossip columnist. 


Tow-Knight Fellow 2016 to City University New York

First Decade Fellow Department of Media Studies Sydney University 2012

Adjunct Professor Sydney University media and politics 2013

Advisory board to the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

Member of Sydney Democracy Network

Australian Press Council 2011-2012

Advisory board to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (ex officio)

Contributor to the Australian Science Media Centre

Regular appearances at Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Storyology and Adelaide Ideas Festival

Creative producer of political theatre The Hansard Monologues 2013 and 2016

Northcote Scholarship recipient 1982

Image of Peter Fray
Professor of the Practice of Journalism, School of Communication
+61 2 9514 7522

Research Interests

Interested in audience growth and models of media interaction

Evolution of concepts such as trust, objectivity and accountability

Reporting of science in the media

Fact-checking and structured journalism using data and machine assisted learning

Influence and power of social media and its impact on mainstream channels

Curricular development, especially in post graduate education  

Developing areas of interest in automation, robotics and AI

Can supervise: Yes

Teaching across masters program and other post graduates areas

Multi-platform content production

Audience engagement

Start-up/business management

Story-telling with digital tools

Accountability and ethics

Media landscape and aspects of innovation

Open to working with individual journalists, media companies, the academy, staff and students on innovative and entrepreneurial developments in journalism. 

Especially keen to collaborate outside of media across disciplines on subjects such as automation, robotics, fact-checking, accountability, developments in social media and new financial models as well as more traditional story telling methods and co-ventures. 

Current partners are drawn from finance, IT, software engineering, consultancy and project management.