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Nivek Thompson


Nivek is undertaking a PhD at the Institute for Sustainable Futures focusing on answering the question: what impact do democratic innovations have on political elites’ understanding and practice of democracy? Nivek is the founder and director of Deliberately Engaging where she recruits mini-publics for deliberative processes around Australia and supports online engagement through the European crowdsourcing platform Synthetron.

Nivek has worked for the newDemocracy Foundation designing and managing citizens’ juries. And before that she worked in State government and the non-government sector undertaking community and stakeholder engagement to support change and the development of new policies in a broad range of areas including quality childcare, children’s rights, competition policy, consumer protection, community development, workplace health and safety, road safety and regulatory reform. 

Nivek is the host and producer of Real Democracy Now! a podcast, where she talks to thought leaders from around the world about democracy and democratic reform.


Research Assistant, Institute for Sustainable Futures

Research Interests

NIvek's research interests relate to democracy and democratic innovations as well as institutionalism in particular institutional change. 


Thompson, N.K. & Riedy, C. 2014, 'Democratic Innovations in Local Government : A Public Value perspective', Sustainability in Public Works 2014 Conference, Tweed Heads / Coolangatta.
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Nivek is an active member of the post-graduate community holding a number of positions formally representing PG students: member of the inaugural Council of the Postgraduate Representative Union, UTS and Post-graduate representative on the Executive Council of the Australian Political Studies Association.