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Professor Jill McKeough

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Professor, Faculty of Law
Core Member, Law Research Centre Research Strength
+61 2 9514 8034

Research Interests

  • Supervising UTS:LAW  PhD students writing in the areas of IP and competition law and the Economic Analysis of Copyright Law.

Can supervise: Yes
Available for undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and higher degree research supervision in: • Competition Law • Intellectual Property Law

  • Intellectual Property

Book Chapters

McKeough, J. 2009, 'Horses and the Law: the Enduring Legacy of Victoria Park Racing' in Andrew Kenyon, Megan Richarson and Sam Ricketson (eds), Landmarks in Australian Intellectual Property Law, Cambridge University Press, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 53-72.
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The Victoria Park Racing and Recreation Ground was a popular racecourse in Sydney in the 1930s. Built on an open fairground, the owners erected a.fence around the track to ensure that only ticket buyers could watch the action or place bets on the races. The defendant, Taylor, built a tower that was uS:d by a Mr Angles to peer over the fence and, using a telephone, broadcast descriptions of the races on radio 2UW. In Victoria Park Racing and Recreation Grounds Company v Taylor (Victoria Park Racing),1 both the neighbour and the broadcaster were sued in nuisance and infringement of property rights by the owners of the racecourse. The High Court dismissed the suit but the minority judgment of EvattJ foreshadowed the potential problems for those mounting spectacles and events with the advent of television on the horizon.


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This book deals with the area of the knowledge economy and the essential aspects of the nature of property rights involved in copyright, patents, designs, trademarks, protection for confidential information and passing off. The book adopts a particular perspective on analysing those rights and has sold so well it has been re-printed and the publisher has requested a new edition, manuscript delivered in August 2006.
Goldring, J., Maher, L., McKeough, J. & Pearson, G. 1998, Consumer Protection Law, Fifth, The Federation Press, Sydney.
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Journal Articles

McKeough, J. 2012, 'Copyright Review: issues for cultural practice', Deakin Law Review, vol. 17, no. 2, pp. 309-319.
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The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has been asked by the Attorney-General to inquire into and report on current and further desirable uses of copyright material in the context of the digital economy. In this paper the focus is on the scope of the terms of reference of the ALRC and the importance of copyright in a modern digitally orientated world. The paper also analyses other important initiatives and reports in this area, focusing on the changing `political economy+ and cultural impact on copyright issues and, in particular the challenges for copyright law
Nakata, N.M., Nakata, V.S., Gardiner, G., Byrne, J.A., McKeough, J. & Gibson, J. 2008, 'Indigenous digital collections: An early look at the organisation and culture interface', Australian Academic and Research Libraries, vol. 39, no. 4, pp. 223-236.
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Research findings of study into the first generation issues with Indigenous digital collections in libraries