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Dr Gerhard Hambusch


Gerhard joined the School of Finance and Economics in October of 2008 after having completed his PhD at the University of Wyoming. His thesis “Essays on financial dynamic optimization under uncertainty” integrates investment valuation techniques with economic policy issues in dynamic settings where decisions over time are subject to many facets of uncertainty. Selected financial industry exposure consists of supporting a EUR 5bn funds-of-funds private equity portfolio managed in Frankfurt, Germany as well as supporting a USD 1bn middle-market buyout fund managed in Chicago, IL. Gerhard is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and member of the CFA society of Sydney.


Member of CFA Institute and the CFA Society of Sydney

Image of Gerhard Hambusch
Lecturer, Finance Discipline Group
Associate Member, Quantitative Finance Research Centre
Doctor of Philosophy
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+61 2 9514 7749

Research Interests

Corporate Finance
Capital Regulation
Ethics in Finance
Can supervise: Yes
25602 Ethics in Finance (Subject Coordinator)
25765 Corporate Finance

Conference Papers

Glover, K. & Hambusch, G. 2011, 'Agency conflicts and the provision of debt when prices are mean reverting', International Finance and Banking Society Conference 2011, Rome, Italy, June 2011.
Finnoff, D., Hambusch, G. & Shaffer, S. 2010, 'Optimal management of mean reverting losses', Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society, Barcelona, Spain, June 2010.
Hambusch, G., Shaffer, S. & Finnoff, D. 2009, 'Intertemportal effects of capital requirements on risk taking behavior of banks', Seminar Presentation, Centre for Macroeconomic Analysis, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, August 2009.
Hambusch, G. 2009, 'Optimal management of mean reverting losses', Quantitative Methods in Finance 2009 Conference, Sydney, Australia, December 2009.
Hambusch, G. 2009, 'Intertemporal effects of capital requirements on risk taking behaviour of banks', European Financial Management Association Conference, Milan, Italy, June 2009.
Hambusch, G. 2009, 'Intertemporal effects of capital requirements on risk taking behaviour of banks', 27th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop, Auckland, New Zealand, February 2009.

Journal Articles

Glover, K. & Hambusch, G. 2014, 'The trade-off theory revisited: On the effect of operating leverage', International Journal of Managerial Finance, vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 2-22.