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Eva Cox

Adjunct Professor, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning
BA (Hons) (UNSW)
+61 2 9514 2986

Research Interests

Policy Formulation: social policy, child care, women’s services, gender issues
Politics: paradoxes of democracy
Social and ethical accounting, auditing and reporting: stakeholder dialogue, development of social indicators, the nature of ethical organisations

Research methods; Social policy; Community.

Journal articles

Cox, E. & Goodman, J. 2005, 'Belittled: The state of play on bullying', Australian Universities Review, vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 28-34.
Abused, ignored, sidelined, belittled. It?s the human face of a systemic problem. Eva Cox and James Goodman report on a recent studying of workplace bullying that highlights its effects on those being bullied, and the rather piecemeal administrative efforts to deal with it so far.