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Casual academics


Casual academics serve a vital role at UTS. Whether you are a casual lecturer, tutor, clinical educator, demonstrator, or engaged in other academic activities, the University is committed to providing you with information, support and professional development opportunities to assist you to do your job well.

Your contract: Once this has been signed and entered into the payroll system, you will receive your staff ID number, which enables you to obtain:

  • NEO Log-in - for UTS email, audio visual services, lectern computers, UTS Online;
  • UTS staff card - for library access, equipment use, UTS union facilities, and entry to buildings;
  • PIN access - currently used for after hours access to some buildings, but is being replaced by swipe card access using your Staff Card.

It is therefore very important that you sign and return your contract promptly.

Orientation and employment

Human Resources provides employment information for casual academic staff. This includes information about pay and conditions and the expectations and responsibilities of you as a member of staff at UTS.

Starting at UTS is the University’s online orientation program for all UTS staff, which outlines the practical requirements for getting up and running quickly. It also provides useful material for ongoing reference.

Information about Working at UTS 

Support for learning and teaching

Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) supports learning, teaching and professional development through the provision of a range of materials, resources and services including:

  • Courses and other opportunities for professional development
  • Support for faculties and for individual academics.

This site also contains a wealth of online learning and teaching resources and materials. These include:

  • Face-to-face teaching
  • Assessment, marking and feedback
  • Group work
  • Teaching with technology (eg UTSOnline).

The Staff Section of the Library offers a range of teaching and learning materials to assist Casual Academics. This includes services to assist staff prepare coursework and enhance student learning. The Scholar’s Centre is a dedicated centre for UTS postgraduate research students and staff which you may also find very interesting and useful.

Practical support

Practical advice contains information about your UTS Staff card, activating UTS email and guidance related to teaching such as assessment, academic conduct, AV equipment and much more.

Faculty contacts enables you to quickly locate a contact person in your faculty who can provide you with faculty-specific information such as details of local orientation sessions.