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Aitken, A., Boey, K.C. & Cahill, M. 2013, 'Preface: Three Perspectives' in Aitken, A., Boey, K.C. & Cahill, M. (eds), Contemporary Asian Australian Poets, Puncher & Wattmann Poetry, Glebe NSW Australia, pp. 13-29.
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Gibson, A., Shum, S.B., Aitken, A., Tsingos-Lucas, C., Sándor, Á. & Knight, S. 2017, 'Reflective writing analytics for actionable feedback', ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, pp. 153-162.
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© 2017 ACM. Reflective writing can provide a powerful way for students to integrate professional experience and academic learning. However, writing reflectively requires high quality actionable feedback, which is time-consuming to provide at scale. This paper reports progress on the design, implementation, and validation of a Reflective Writing Analytics platform to provide actionable feedback within a tertiary authentic assessment context. The contributions are: (1) a new conceptual framework for reflective writing; (2) a computational approach to modelling reflective writing, deriving analytics, and providing feedback; (3) the pedagogical and user experience rationale for platform design decisions; and (4) a pilot in a student learning context, with preliminary data on educator and student acceptance, and the extent to which we can evidence that the software provided actionable feedback for reflective writing.
Gibson, A., Knight, S., Aitken, A., Buckingham Shum, S., Ryan, P., Jarvis, W., Nikolova, N., Tsingos-Lucas, C., Parr, A., White, A. & Sutton, N. 2016, 'Using Writing Analytics For Formative Feedback', UTS Teaching and Learning Forum, University of Technology, Sydney.
Griffiths, N., Aitken, A. & Egea, K. 2014, 'A collaborative approach to embedding academic literacies in first year grant projects', http://fyhe.com.au/past_papers/papers14/fyhe14_proceedings.pdf, 17th International First Year in Higher Education Conference, Queensland Institute of Technology, Darwin.
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This paper describes the collaborative approach that Academic Language and Learning developers are using as part of a university's First Year Experience project. This project draws on the idea of a third generation approach which utilises a bottom-up and top-down institutional framework. Intrinsic to this framework at UTS is a small grant scheme devised to support academics in designing curricula which facilitate first year students' transition. However, smooth transition can be affected by the academic and linguistic capital of the increasingly diverse student population. This has provided the opportunity for ALL developers to become active participants in the small grant scheme and to work collaboratively with academics on the seamless integration of domain specific academic literacy. Two case studies of FYE grants illustrate the parameters and benefits of such an approach and how it may enable a discursive space to support sustainable practice.
Griffiths, N. & Aitken, A. 2009, 'Developing awareness of attribution practices in writing instruction for L2 postgraduate students', The Roles of Writing Development in Higher Education and Beyond, European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW), Coventry, England.
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Journal articles

Aitken, A. 2016, 'Review Short: Timothy Yu's 100 Chinese Silences', Cordite Poetry Review, no. August 2016.
Aitken, A. 2013, 'A poetics of (un)becoming hybridity', Southerly, vol. 73, no. 1, pp. 123-137.
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This essay outlines the relationship between Asian Australian identity and poetics.
Aitken, A. 2013, 'Reviewer's response', Transnational Literature, vol. 6, no. 1.
Aitken, A. 2012, 'Asian-Australian Diasporic Poets: A Commentary', Cordite Poetry Review.
Aitken, A. 2012, 'Adam Aitken reviews John Mateer', Cordite Poetry Review.
Aitken, A. 2012, 'John Mateer Southern Barbarians', Cordite.
Aitken, A. 2010, 'Anti-travel: Post-colonial, reviewed by Adam Aitken', Jacket, no. 40.
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Aitken, A. 2008, 'Third Culture Kids and Mad Migrant Mothers, or How to Outgrow Amy Tan', Journal of Australian Studies, vol. 32, no. 4, pp. 445-454.
In the Amy Tan novel, parents become the guardian-teachers of essentialised notions of a mainland Chinese identity, while their American–born children negotiate the contradictory claims of Chineseness on the one hand and forces of assimilation in middle class America on the other. To be authentically Chinese, mothers argue, the daughters must regain a 'Chinese face' by returning to their filial homeland. Tan's work has been a popular success but has tended to obscure the heterogeneity and impurity of Asian-American subjectivities. This essay considers Tan's influence on narratives of mother/daughter relationships in Hsu-ming Teo's Love and Vertigo (2000), and in terms of the Vietnamese 'mad mother' and her globetrotting Eurasian daughter in Eva Sallis's The City of Sealions (2002). Generational conflict within the family is a common theme in these narratives, and while migration leads to the fragmenting of the maternal psyche, Australian 'third culture kids' (TCKs) act as their mothers' cultural intermediaries. These narratives do not necessarily re-iterate the rhetoric of the migrant who belongs no-where, but show how the Asian-Australian daughter of Asian refugees in Australia, whether Eurasian, Vietnamese or Chinese, can transcend their contradictory neither-here-nor-there predicament and embrace a more creative notion of a hybrid subjectivity.
Aitken, A. 2007, 'Born on a Sunday in London', Life Writing, vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 129-140.
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Aitken, A. 2000, 'A Review of Michael Dransfield's Lives by Livio Dobrez', Australian Humanities Review, no. 17.
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Non traditional outputs

Aitken, A. 2016, 'One Hundred Letters Home', Vagabond Press, Sydney NSW, pp. 1-304.
Aitken, A. 2015, 'Stolen Valour', Flinders University, Bedford Park South Australia, pp. 1-4.
An essay on historical war archives and memorabilia and their significance to survivors of military campaigns and their descendants.
Aitken, A. 2014, 'Alexandria'.
Aitken, A. 2013, 'November Already', Vagabond Press, Sydney, pp. 1-16.
poetry pamphlet
Aitken, A., Boey, K.C. & Cahill, M. 2013, 'Contemporary Asian Australian Poets', editor and contributor.
Anthology of Poetry
Aitken, A. 2013, 'Andre Malraux; The Draining of the Pond; and Raden Saleh's Arrest of Prince Diponegoro', Axon: Creative Explorations, University of Canberra, Canberra.
three poems
Aitken, A. 2013, '6 Poems', Puncher & Wattmann, Glebe NSW, pp. 31-39.
Aitken, A. 2012, 'Notes on the River', http://www.cnsjournal.org, pp. 113-118.
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Poem sequence on ecology of the Mekong River system
Aitken, A. 2010, 'Beyond Khe Sanh', UWA Publishing, Crawley, pp. 183-201.
short story
Aitken, A. 2009, 'Eighth Habitation', Giramondo Publishing Company, Artarmon NSW, pp. 1-144.
Poetry paperback
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poem online
Aitken, A. 2004, 'Burning the Books', Giramondo Publishing Company.
Aitken, A. 2000, 'The Photographs: A Story', University of Western Sydney.
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Aitken, A. 2000, 'Romeo and Juliet in Subtitles Poems', Virago Press.
Collection of poems dealing with travelling, different cultures, loss and life.
Aitken, A. 2000, 'Saigon the Movie; Learning Para-linguistics; Road to Lovina;; Tracker's HutI; On Safari', Paper Bark Press, Sydney NSW, pp. 14-24.
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short story
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short story
Centennial Park Trust, 'Poem and Script for Bicentennial Project exterior sculpture, Centennial Park Trust, 2001'.


Tsingos-Lucas, C., Aitken, A., Gibson, A. & Buckingham Shum, S. 2017, 'Utilisation of a novel online educational tool to assist pharmacy students to self-critique reflective writing tasks'.
Aitken, A. 2016, 'Academic Writing Analytics for Formative Feedback', YouTube.
5 minute video presentation of writing analytics software developed at the Creative Intelligence Centre, University of Technology, Sydney
Buckingham Shum, S., Knight, S., Gibson, A.P., Ryan, P. & Aitken, A. 2016, 'Writing Analytics to Improve Formative Feedback'.
Webinar for Transforming Assessment
Aitken, A. 2014, 'Martin Harrison', recours au poeme.
Aitken, A. 2014, 'Adam Aitken Interviews Martin Harrison', Cordite Poetry Review.
Aitken, A. 2014, 'Adam Aitken Reviews Nicola Madzirov and Jan-Willem Anker', Cordite.org.au.
Aitken, A. 2006, 'Writing the Hybrid: Asian Imaginaries in Australian Literature'.
This thesis addresses the representation of transcultural exchange between Anglo-Europeans and Asian-Australians. It presents my fictionalised autobiography/novel The Fire Sermon, and discusses its key influences: novels concerned with the representations of Anglo/Asian relationships and the 'mixed blood Eurasian subject. My exigesis explores my 'factional (or ficto-critical) methodology for writing about cultural hybridity, and considers the practice of textual métissage, an approach to writing about cross-cultural identities in an Australian-Asian Imaginary, which I define as a field of commodified, ambivalent, and anxious representations of Asian and Eurasian subjects. This exegesis addresses the influence of touristic Anglo-European narratives of Australians in Asia; these include subjects who may 'go native in an Orientalist way. Demonised Eurasians also appear as tragic figures of split identity. These narratives make/unmake boundaries that signify cultural and racial difference; these address desire for and/or aversion to racialised bodies and minds, and I argue that these texts promote a nascent multiculturalism and mobilise hybridity as an intentional artistic strategy in order to deconstruct racism, but in the process may perpetuate stereotypes of the Eurasian, and may recycle dominant views of Eurasian hybridity's cultural and psychological inferiority to whiteness. I also explore novels that focus on Asian-Australian second-generation children and their migrant parents, in particular, how Asian subjects repudiate their own ethnicity in an effort to fit into Anglo culture. Contrary to nave understandings of hybridity as undifferentiated heteroglossia, this thesis argues against perpetuating uncritical celebrations of hybridity as cultural mix-and-match within an idealised vision of globalised world culture where all subjects have equal access to the cultural resources available to fashion identity. The appropriation of Asian and Eurasian subje...