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Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) Liveable Spaces Prize

The purpose of the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) Liveable Spaces Prize is to increase the awareness of Inclusive Design principles, in relation to people with disability, as well as to provide Architecture and Interior Design and Spatial Design* Students with the opportunity to consult with people with disability as end users, informing design choices and ensuring solutions are fit for purpose.

*Interior and Spatial Design will be called Interior Architecture from 2018.

Please read the Conditions of Award for full details of the Prize.

Value and duration

Usually two (2) Recipients will be awarded the Prize at the end of each academic year.
One (1) recipient from Interior Architecture, and one (1) recipient from Architecture will be selected, provided there is a student of sufficient merit from each discipline.

The value of the Prize is $2,500, paid into the Recipient's bank account. The Recipient will also receive a certificate of award.

Who is eligible?

The Recipient must:

  • Be enrolled in one of the following UTS award courses:
    • C10271 - Bachelor of Design in Interior and Spatial Design; or
    • C10272 - Bachelor of Design in Interior and Spatial Design/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies; or
    • C10322 - Bachelor of Design in Interior and Spatial Design/Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation; or
    • C10004 - Bachelor of Design in Architecture; or
    • C10325 - Bachelor of Design in Architecture/Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation; or
    • C10341 - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  • Have successfully completed at least one studio subject relevant to their degree; and
  • Submit a digital portfolio (max 3mb) of up to 6 x A4 landscape pages including:
    • A maximum of five pages of digital files of scans and/or photographs (compressed jpegs for web viewing) of original design work, which incorporates Inclusive Design principles; and
    • One page statement addressing the aims of the work, how the needs of people with disabilities were considered and highlighting specifics Inclusive Design examples within the works (150-200 words for each design); and
    • One-page statement detailing the consultation that has taken place with a person with disability or Disability Peak Bodies or Associations, and how that has contributed to the overall design decisions.

Students with suitable piece/s of design work may be nominated by the subject coordinators of a design studio relevant to their course and invited to apply.

Course area(s)

Design and building

Selection process

  • Demonstration of Inclusive Design intent as evidenced by submitted portfolio of work
  • Knowledge, research and consideration of Inclusive Design principles, as demonstrated by submitted work
  • Ability to establish the critical positioning of Inclusive Design work within the intellectual framework of the brief, as evidenced by the submitted work and work description
  • Academic merit

To apply for the Prize, please fill out the online application form.

Applications close at midnight on Tuesday 13 June, 2017.

For further information contact

UTS: Design, Architecture & Building
Phone: +61 2 9514 8011
Website: www.dab.uts.edu.au