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Diversity Access Scholarship (Institution Equity Scholarship)

UTS offers the Diversity Access Scholarship program to assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds who may also be experiencing other forms of educational disadvantage which make it difficult to achieve their educational goals.

This scholarship is available to undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

Please read the Conditions of Award for full details of the Scholarship.

Value and duration

Scholarship amounts vary and each scholarship has a maximum duration of two sessions.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be able to demonstrate financial hardship in one of two ways:

  • through receiving a means-tested Commonwealth income support payment (such as Parenting Payment Single, Disability Support Pension, Carers Allowance, Newstart, Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance), OR
  • by providing comprehensive information demonstrating exceptional financial hardship.
In addition to this, basic eligibility includes:
  • Australian citizenship, Australian Permanent Residency status or New Zealand Citizenship
  • Enrolment or intended enrolment at UTS in a minimum of 18 credit points/semester, unless exceptional circumstances (such as a long-term medical condition or disability, and/or sole parent or carer responsibilities) apply.

Course area(s)

All courses.

Selection process

Selection is determined on a relative needs basis, prioritising applicants who are able to demonstrate multiple educational disadvantages in addition to Financial Hardship, via the UAC Equity Scholarship application. These disadvantages include:

  • Rural or regional background
  • Sole parent responsibilities
  • Carer responsibilities
  • Long-term medical condition / disability or ongoing effect of abuse
  • Indigenous Australian
  • Refugee background

Please note that receiving the scholarship in one year, does not automatically make you eligible to receive it in future years. All applicants must submit a new Equity Scholarship application each year via UAC to be considered for the Diversity Access Scholarship.

Other information

When applying through UAC for UTS Equity Scholarships, Family Tax Benefit will not be considered as demonstrative of financial hardship. Only applicants receiving a Centrelink means-tested income support payment, or demonstrating exceptional financial hardship with supporting evidence will be considered.

If your situation changes after you have submitted your ES application, for example:

  • you receive the Centrelink benefit you previously indicated you were expecting to receive; or
  • you start receiving a Centrelink benefit that you previously did not include on your application; or
  • you believe you now qualify for another educational disadvantage; or
  • you now have additional documentation supplementing an educational disadvantage that you believe affects your eligibility

Please submit the supporting documentation to UAC as soon as possible as this may affect your eligibility for an Equity Scholarship. Go to UAC Applicant Services to download your document package which outlines the required documentation you need to submit.


Applications for this scholarship are submitted via the University Admissions Centre

University Admissions Centre
Website: www.uac.edu.au/equity

For further information contact

University Admissions Centre
Website: www.uac.edu.au/equity
Online Enquiry:www.uac.edu.au/enquiry

UTS Scholarships Office
Phone: +61 2 9514 2527
Email: scholarships@uts.edu.au