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New spaces

A range of new spaces are being brought to life on the UTS campus. Designed to support both informal and formal learning experiences, these spaces provide a opportunities for students and staff to collaborate and interact. Wander through the campus and witness the vibrant learning communities already in action.

Collaborative theatres

New collaborative theatres facilitate multiple forms of engagement including lecture presentations, collaborative group work and technology-enabled activities.

Students working in the collaborative theatres

Collaborative GTS

These spaces provide opportunities for technology-enabled project work and learning that occurs in groups.

Image: students in the spaces

Hybrid spaces

Hybrid spaces are situated in Learning Commons and are primarily for students' informal learning. These spaces can also be booked by academics for occasional use to explore different teaching and learning approaches. These spaces lend themselves to learning and research events involving the wider community.

Students working the hybrid spaces

Learning Commons

Students value appropriate places to study - alone and with others - and places to socialise on campus. Learning Commons provide a range of settings and facilities to support students in their activities throughout the day. There are now a series of these student spaces at UTS:

Learning commons 1Learning commons 2

Guides to learning spaces

A range of practical guides relating to spaces and technology are being developed.

   link image to the future spaces now pdf 



image link to How to use an interactive whiteboard PDF

Future spaces now
(PDF - 2.8MB,  13 pages)
 How to use an
interactive whiteboard
(PDF - 3.3MB, 5 pages)