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Assessment futures

Examples by subject area

The examples listed below are associated with particular disciplines and have been repeatedly trialled.

Identifying the elements within the task that contribute to life-long learning is another useful way of approaching assessment redesign.

With some planning and consideration of what is appropriate to your own classes and learning aims, these examples could be used in other disciplines too.



  • See two examples for Business provided by Professor John Cowan of Edinburgh Napier University


  • See this example of mooting for law students from Bond University (pdf 29 pages).
  • Larcombe, W. & Malkin, I. (2008) Identifying students likely to benefit from language support in first-year law, Higher Education Research & Development, 27, 4 (December 2008): 319-329.


  • Using a computer generated virtual patient for diagnosis practice in the classroom during a pharmacy course. See ALTC project details.



See this example from The University of New South Wales

Arts and Social Sciences