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Student research opportunities

Transforming Cultures seeks students interested in addressing the following main focus areas:

Technologies of the body: exploring

  • the meaning of the body in the age of virtuality
  • how our senses constitute the world we perceive, create and experience
  • the relationship between body and mind in the individual human subject
  • the relationship between human and animal
  • the politics and ethics of body manipulation (cosmetic, surgical)
  • the deployment of the human senses by new technologies

Technologies of communication: how writing, visuality, sound and music, and digital cultures

  • create relationships between individuals, cultures and societies
  • are involved in the formation of individual subjects
  • are deployed in the formation of memory and history
  • are used in performance art and in museum and gallery exhibitions

Technologies of transculturation: analysing

  • how cultures affected by globalisation assert, contest and subvert identity processes
  • their cultural resistances against powerful economic and political institutions
  • the toll that is often exacted – of individuals, cultures, societies - by this struggle

Supervisors working in these areas can be located on the Researchers page of the Transforming Cultures web site.

Research culture

Research students are associate members of the Transforming Cultures Research Centre and are invited to participate in the Centre's active series of seminars, workshops, colloquia and conferences. The Centre provides seminars and master-classes for higher degree research students, which focus on contemporary theoretical and methodological issues and are given by leading national and international scholars in the disciplines associated with Transforming Cultures (TfC). The TfC Management Board has a representative whose special responsibility is to liaise with research students about relevant seminars and to provide access to the funding that TfC provides to assist with conference travel. TfC also provides financial and other assistance for research students who arrange their own reading groups, symposia and conferences.

Further information

On applying to study at UTS as a postgraduate research student: