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Working With Us

Opportunities for Government and Industry

QCIS is one of the largest focussed research centres in Australia. Our unique mix of theoretical and applied research, coupled with our network of strategic joint research centres and an exceptional publication record, has acknowledged QCIS, world-wide, as a premiere research centre in quantum computing, data mining and intelligent systems.

Our partnerships with government and industry ensure we remain agile as new practical challenges emerge. They give us the intellectual property and technical know-how to transform the future of organisations and serve the needs of Australia. To give just five examples:

Bulletour developments in quantum computation are reshaping the agenda in computationally intensive areas including data mining, encryption, and intelligent systems;
Bulletour advances in data mining are being applied in capital market surveillance and compliance, and crime analysis;
Bulletfundamental work on understanding co-operation and competition is being trialled and validated by our award-wining robot soccer team;
Bulletdevelopments in e-service intelligence are delivering practical tools to support organisational decision-making and crisis prediction; and
Bulletwork on the visualisation of genes is assisting clinicians and biologists in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, QCIS is now undertaking cloud computing research in Smart e-Government Health, Next-Generation Cloud Resources Management, Cloud Computing and E-Services integration, Automated Service Level Agreement (SLA) formation, and Cloud-based Data Analytics.

Our current partnerships include: Centrelink, Capital Markets CRC, HCF, Westpac Banking Corporation, Alcatel, Optus, Microsoft, IBM and SAS.

Ways to partner

The key aim of many partnerships is to generate and deploy valuable intellectual property. Successful partnerships are more than just ‘contract research’ and typically involve at least some of the following activities:

Attend QCIS public events
QCIS has a regular research seminar program that is open to the public - this is a great way to get to know us. Information about our current seminar program is available here.

ARC Linkage Grants
The Australian Research Council supports collaborative research with Industry and Government through schemes such as Linkage Projects — these are excellent for substantial collaborative projects and are competitively awarded to ensure the best Centre for the project is selected for the task.

Self-funded projects
If you’ve already decided you want to work with QCIS, self-funded projects are a good way to get things moving quickly.

Research Masters and PhD degrees
Providing funding support for a Masters or PhD degree is a good way to start a collaboration and create a link between the Centre and your organisation —  these scholarships are awarded competitively to ensure the best student is selected to undertake thesis work.

QCIS researchers provide their time to collaborative partnerships as part of the Centre’s contribution. They are also available as consultants in an individual capacity.

Sponsorship and Donations
Undirected funding is an attractive way to establish links with QCIS and further advance these crucial areas of research.

If you’re interested in partnering or collaborating with us, please get in touch with the Centre Director or one of the Lab Directors below, and we'll look at ways to develop a valuable collaborative partnership with your organisation.

Director - Prof Chengqi Zhang | DSKD - Dr Ling Chen | DeSI - Prof Jie Lu | The Magic Lab - Prof Mary-Anne Williams | KIL - A/Prof Paul Kennedy | QCL - Prof Runyao Duan

Researchers interested in a career position are invited to contact Centre Director: Professor Chengqi Zhang.